Art Demonstrations
Come along and watch local artists show you how it's done!
Bill Perkins
Painting demonstration in watercolours
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Bill Perkins is a regular and popular demonstrator with the Ilford Art Society. Bill is a truly accomplished watercolour artist, with a quiet, unassuming manner. Above are some photos from our recent demo with him.
More About Our Demos
Our demonstrations generally take place on the last wednesday of each month, and cover various artistic aspects. Talented local artists show us how particular art materials are used, and how techniques are accomplished. Occasionally someone will showcase the materials themselves, for example when we learnt about water based oil paints.

We recently invited Hashim Akim to demonstrate acrylics. We have been lucky enough to have had James Merriott, a prolific Essex watercolourist, many of his scenes instantly recognisable. John Tookey, a well known East Anglian artist frequently
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Demo evenings are fun & informative!
demonstrates in pastel and watercolour, showing us his distinctive, loose style. We have also welcomed Ron Clark from the Essex Art Club to show us how to draw portraits. Innovative demonstrator Trevor Harwood uses materials in unusual ways such as water with pastels. Occasionally one of our members shares their expertise. Anyone is welcome to attend these "demos" for a modest donation and join us in a cuppa and a biscuit. We even have a raffle!
Hashim Akib
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Hashim Akib uses an exciting, vibrant and unusual approach to painting with acrylics. His energy and enthusiasm are inspiring. Hashim shows how acrylics can be used in unique and surprising ways to create colourful, vibrant paintings that are atmospheric and full of life. During the course of an evening, the demonstrator creates a picture from a blank canvas to a completed work of art,.
Picture development demo in stages
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A painting demo with Hashim
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Melanie Cambridge
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Melanie Cambridge's main artistic influences come from working outdoors, with light and colour playing a major role in her work. Melanie has a lively approach to painting. Her mixed media demonstrations are full of comment, hints and tips on colour mixing and explanations..
Trevor Harwood
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Trevor is one of our regular workshop leaders: "My objective at a demonstration is to inspire those that have joined me, but the emphasis in a workshop is on you painting, learning and having FUN! I can introduce aspiring art students to the concept of many media."
Picture development demo in stages
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